Disinfectants: knowing the differences to choose the most suitable one

As we wrote in the article on deodorising and cleaning environments, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising are different actions that require special tools and detergents. Cleaning and removing dirt deposited on surfaces is the first step ... Learn More

Bad odours, how to deodorise rooms effectively

Sometimes scenting is not enough, it is necessary to first remove unpleasant odours so as not to 'cover' them with fragrances that risk becoming unpleasant. It is also a good idea to constantly sanitise rooms, ensuring that they are ... Learn More

B24 Service: the expert for your business hygiene

Services, rentals and products for professional hygiene Thanks to our extensive experience in the hygiene services sector, gained in 20 years' work for major companies, public bodies, restaurants, gyms and wellness centres in Europe, we are able to offer a wide range of services ... Learn More

Aromatic fragrances and personality

The sense of smell is the only one that has no filter to the nervous system, reaching our mind directly and evoking memories and sensations. Perhaps underestimated compared to other senses such as sight, smell is instead a very important ... Learn More

Get rid of insects with our insecticidal lamps, no chemical sprays, for fresh and clean air

Like every year with the arrival of spring, the number of insects multiplies. B24store, thanks to its twenty years of experience, has selected for you the best HACCP-compliant insect catcher lamps that can be used in all areas of ... Learn More

Mar Plast soap dispensers, the high quality Made in Italy soap dispensers

Today we are talking about soap dispensers, and immediately the manufacturer Mar Plast comes to mind, first because anyone, in almost all the world, has used at least once a Mar Plast soap dispenser, found in a soap factory, in a ... Learn More

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