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Wall-mounted hair dryer

Hair drying devices for working environments, accommodation facilities and places open to the public have very different technical and operating characteristics from those for private use. The range of products that can be purchased online from the e-commerce portal B24 Store embraces the most diverse types of wall-mounted hairdryers on the market today: from practical wall-mounted hair dryers equipped with a flexible hose to electronic wall-mounted photocell hair dryers. All wall hair dryers are characterized by high operating efficiency and low energy consumption.

  • 675 marplast hotel hairdryer

    Wall-mounted hair dryer for hotel rooms Hotel

    65,38 excluding VAT
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  • Wall-mounted hair dryer with flexible hose Suite

    126,23 excluding VAT
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  • PD160225 professional hair dryer gymnasium gyms swimming pools hotels 2000 watts

    Gymnasium professional hair dryer

    65,00 excluding VAT
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