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In production activities, especially those in the food & beverage sector and those dealing with catering, that of rodents is an impending threat that not only must be able to deal with - but, above all, must be prevented. On the well-stocked B24 Store professional e-commerce you can find mousetraps that are effective in capturing rats and other unwanted animals (such as, for example, cockroaches and cockroaches) but, at the same time, able to ensure maximum hygiene. In the assortment there are also special tags to signal their presence.

  • PD160099 multi-capture rat trap warning

    Presence indicator sign for mice and cockroach traps

    3,00 excluding VAT
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  • PD160097 adhesive master trap

    Adhesive trap for mice and cockroaches Master trap

    10,20 excluding VAT
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  • PD160095 trappola multicattura scarafaggi metallo

    Multi-catch trap for small mice and cockroaches

    13,00 excluding VAT
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  • PD160098 Multi-catch rat trap

    Multi-catch trap for rats

    29,21 excluding VAT
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