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Toilet Paper

A toilet must be complete with all the accessories for public toilets to meet the needs of the users. But, of course, the constant presence of all consumables is also needed: for example, woe betide a toilet paper dispenser without its contents! On the B24 Store you can conveniently buy online everything you need to ensure that the toilets are always well stocked: in the extensive online product catalog there are spare parts such as toilet paper rolls and interleaved toilet paper that guarantee optimal durability.

  • Toilet Paper 3 Ply Maxi Pack 9 Packs of 8 Rolls

    58,50 excluding VAT
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  • Toilet paper Double ply Maxi Pack 12 Packs of 10 Rolls

    43,39 excluding VAT
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  • PC320058 interleaved toilet paper v 9000 sheets

    Interleaved toilet paper V 9000 sheets Pure cellulose wadding

    42,28 excluding VAT
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  • 407571 biotech papernet anti-odour interleaved toilet paper v sheets

    Anti-odour V-fold toilet paper 8960 sheets Pure cellulose wadding Bio Tech

    55,17 excluding VAT
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  • PC320319 tekno400 maxi jumbo 6 rolls eurocarta toilet paper

    Maxi jumbo toilet paper 6 rolls in cellulose wadding

    29,02 excluding VAT
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  • Carta Igienica Mini jumbo 12 Rotoli Anti-intasamento Bio Tech

    39,78 excluding VAT
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  • PC320119 tekno200 mini jumbo 12 rolls eurocarta toilet paper

    Mini jumbo toilet paper 12 rolls in cellulose wadding

    29,20 excluding VAT
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  • PC320038 toilet paper roll 500 sheets eurosoft

    Double ply toilet paper rolls 40 Ecolabel rolls

    42,28 excluding VAT
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  • 407569 biotech papernet wrapped toilet paper roll

    Anti-clogging banded toilet paper rolls 96 pieces Double ply Bio Tech

    53,07 excluding VAT
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