Deodorising disinfectant cleaner PMC 11 LB Pharmaform

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Disinfectant deodorant detergent for floors and toilets with P.M.C 17428. Ideal against gram + and gram- bacteria, fungi and viruses. Its systematic use allows to obtain an effective hygienic and sanitary protection of any environment. Thanks to the alcohololysopropyl it also produces a degreasing effect. Excellent for the disinfection-cleaning of surfaces and in particular of: floors, tiles, toilets, community washbasins, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, offices, industries, workshops, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, medical offices, analysis centers .



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5 L tank. Liquid deodorant disinfectant detergent to be used diluted 5% with P.M.C 17428. Suitable for the treatment of surfaces, floors, walls, sanitary systems. Contains alcohol (4%). Br Disinfectant Very low residue product, containing ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL and CHLOREXIDINE DIGLUCONATE, it has a broad spectrum of action. Br Its features make it particularly suitable for operators in the hospital sector, offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens and in the food industry sector. Suitable for the application of HACCP plans.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Dilute PHARMAFORM TSC in water at the rate of 5% (50 ml per liter).


Physical state: Blue liquid
Color: Colorless Odor: intense lemongrass
PH: 7 - 7.5
Flash point: n.i.
Relative density: 0.991 ± 0.050 kg / l
Solubility in water: Soluble

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B24 CodeSR930020
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