FFP2 Surgical Masks 20 Pieces

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Face sealing system: double elastic for the ears - metal foil for the nose clip Instructions for use: 1. Open the mask with the metal foil for the nose upwards. 2. Put on the mask by resting it on the nose. 3. Hook the rubber bands behind the ears. Shape the nose clip making it adhere to the contours. 4. Press lightly to ash the best grip even on the cheeks and chin only. Directions for use: 1. Wear the mask according to the description of the images shown only. 2. If the bezel is damaged, it is recommended to replace it immediately. 3. It is forbidden to wear this product before going to sleep and during sleep. 4. After wearing the mask, avoid getting close to any source of heat and / or flame, which could cause burns or deformation of the material. 6. The product is disposable (NR), please do not reuse it for multiple times. 7. For disposal please tie it with ear bands before throwing it in the trash (unsorted). Duration of the mask: the mask is designed for continuous use up to a maximum of 8-12 hours, but a lot depends on the environment in which it is used (more or less dust, pollen, aerosols, etc.).

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Practical pack of 20 non-woven masks It adheres perfectly to the face Comfortable and light Single use

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