Bad odours, how to deodorise rooms effectively

Sometimes perfuming is not enough, it is first necessary to remove bad smells so as not to 'cover' them with fragrances which moreover risk becoming unpleasant. Furthermore, it is good to sanitize the rooms constantly, guaranteeing a good level of safety for all users.

Keeping environments clean and disinfected is a priority for everyone's health.

First of all, it should be specified that cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are three different actions. With the cleaning we are going to remove the 'coarser' part of the dirt and mainly we will use detergents and cloths or special cloths. With disinfection, on the other hand, we destroy or inactivate potentially pathogenic microbial loads, disinfection therefore requires specific products and disinfectants, this operation should always be done after the 'roughing' work with cleaning. Finally, sanitation includes both the previous ones, therefore both simple cleaning and disinfection but also includes further cleaning actions such as disinfestation, rodent control and all those activities aimed at improving the health of the environments.

The bathroom or toilet is certainly one of the most important places to keep clean and sanitized, therefore normal daily cleaning operations can be performed but it would also be good to intervene with a disinfection at least once a week.

For cleaning it is important to use special cloths, even with different colors, noting which environment or object to be cleaned the color of the cloth is connected to. It's a little tip but trust me, it could be of great help!


Per la detergenza esistono prodotti di ogni tipo, da quelli più comuni a quelli più specifici e professionali, noi abbiamo un’ ampia scelta di prodotti dedicati, tutti scelti con cura e attenzione alle caratteristiche del prodotto (ingredienti, profumazione, tipologia di utilizzo etc). Qua ve ne citiamo alcuni perfetti per le operazioni di pulizia e disinfezione:


  • Disinfectant detergent Medical Surgical Device 5 L Pharmaform: with Isopropyl Alcohol and Chlorhexidine Digluconate excellent for their sanitizing action, Pharmaform eliminates both gram + and gram - bacterial loads, a broad spectrum action that guarantees thorough cleaning and disinfection of sanitary ware and all environments.
    SR930020 disinfectant detergent 5 lt pharmatrade
    Pharmaform with Chlorhexidine and Alcohol sanitizes, degreases and cleanses
    PM410060 universal cleaner orange oil biopuro
    BioPuro with orange oil, the power of nature for ecological and effective cleaning.


  • PuroBio multi-function orange oil detergent: made with natural ingredients, it exploits the degreasing power of orange for an ecological and effective cleaning, the orange aroma will leave a pleasant scent and you can use it on all surfaces, it is the ideal for daily cleaning.
  • Spray cleaner with M150OXI Hydrogen Peroxide: perfect for cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces we come into contact with every day, from the telephone handset to the PC keyboard, just use small quantities (spray directly on the surface or if you are not sure you can spray on a cloth in order to have a less aggressive action) to sanitize worktops, equipment and much more. Excellent for cleaning environments that must follow HACCP regulations.


And if you want to guarantee an additional level of hygiene and safety in the toilets, an automatic action product is essential, our Virtual Janitor

automatically dispenses the right quantities of disinfectant and deodorant

connecting directly to the toilet drain,

in this way you will have a constant disinfectant and sanitizing action and the cleaning operations will certainly be simpler and why not, even gratifying.


Living in clean and safe spaces is an important factor for everyone's health!

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