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Dear Customer, welcome to our B24store e-commerce and congratulations, you have arrived at the most well-stocked and specialized online store of dispensers and professional bathroom accessories produced by Mar Plast.


In our shop you can buy at the best prices on the web, soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, paper towel dispensers, baskets, bathroom brushes, all produced by Mar Plast, a leading company in the world for the production of professional bathroom accessories, but you will also find all the consumables such as paper towels, jumbo toilet paper and interleaved sheets, foam or cream soap. Also available are detergents, air fresheners, doormats, HACCP compliant insect catching lamps and much more.


Discounts will also be applied on small purchases, they are clearly indicated in each product and will be automatically applied in the cart, furthermore the shipping costs of only 9.90 euros + VAT will become free once the taxable amount of 200.00 euros is reached (valid only for purchases and shipments made in Italy).
Do you have a large order to complete or are you a reseller?
Contact us and request a personalized quote, further discounts are at your disposal.
We can say it, buying on b24store is very convenient.

Purchase methods

Purchasing on our site is simple, you can complete your orders directly online by filling out the form with your details and proceeding to fill the cart with the products of your interest.
If you prefer, you can write an email to, inviare un WhatsApp al 3400634073 oppure contattarci allo 0558363160.

Availability and delivery times

The products on sale on our store are always available, if due to an inventory problem they are not available, you will be immediately notified by email, informing you of any waiting time or activating the refund procedure.
Once payment for your order has been received, shipment is made via BRT courier.
Delivery times vary from 24 to 48 hours depending on the delivery area. (Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria deliver within 48 hours, rest of Italy 24 hours, excluding remote areas and smaller islands for which longer delivery times are expected).


Possible payments are: Credit card, Paypal, Advance bank transfer, Cash on delivery (cost 4.13 euro + VAT).

How your order is processed:

1st example
A customer from Milan places an order at 9.00 in the morning, pays with PayPal, therefore with immediate payment, at 2.00 pm the order is entrusted to the courier, and the following day it is delivered.

2nd example
A customer from Catania places an order, opts for payment by bank transfer, once payment has been received in our current account we will proceed with the shipment, the order is entrusted to the courier and delivered within 48 hours.

Returned or item received damaged or not working

If you are not satisfied with the product received, you can take advantage of the possibility of withdrawal within 14 days of receiving your order, send an email to, we will give you all the information to proceed with the return.
Sometimes couriers are not very delicate, always pay attention to the arrival of the shipment and if you see the package damaged, sign with reservation.
If a product arrives damaged, photograph it and send the image to one of our contacts, we will replace the product at no cost.

Conclusions and contacts

Put us to the test, proceed with your order or try our free consultancy service, an expert will be able to advise you on the most suitable dispensers and bathroom accessories for your company.
Here are our contact options again:
WhatsApp/mobile 3400634073
Telephon 0558363160
Fax 0558328752

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