Dispenser rental, bathroom hygiene

Nowadays it is increasingly important to be able to take advantage of clean, tidy and sanitized bathrooms. Rely on B24service for rental services for your bathrooms and for the purchase of all accessories and dispensers to make your toilet comfortable and clean. Try our ecological service to dry your hands with rental cotton rolls, install automatic sanitizers for the toilet in your bathrooms that make your toilet clean and safe with every flush. Deodorize your rooms with our rental perfumers, available with many fragrances. A feminine service, Pink, the sanitized container for feminine sanitary napkins. Do not bring dirt into your business, rent a walk-over mat. Soap dispensers and paper towel and toilet paper dispensers are also available for hire on loan for use. Ask for a quote for your business. Write to info@b24service.com or call +39 0558363160.
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