Why choose a Mar Plast soap dispenser or paper dispenser?

Sometimes you have found in the bathrooms of a restaurant or an office, soap dispensers that drip or with difficulty in dispensing, made with obvious poor plastics, automatic roll paper holders that do not dispense anything.

Many purchasing managers or owners think that we should not look at the quality of the dispensers and bathroom accessories but at the low cost, not thinking that any dispenser or dispenser of paper towels, soap or toilet paper is exposed to continuous stress and sometimes not very respectful uses. You spend a very low amount but after a few months the soap dispenser is broken or the body of the paper towel dispenser is cracked, you must therefore proceed with a new purchase.

Mar Plast S.p.A. has been producing dispensers and accessories for public toilets for over 50 years. Each dispenser is made only with high quality plastics and components in order to withstand any use and last over time.

Guardati intorno, i bagni degli ospedali, delle grandi aziende dei ristoranti più importanti hanno sempre dispenser ed accessori Mar Plast, perchè?

Because they are beautiful, elegant, resistant and functional, they last over time for many, many years, without problems.

Think about it!!! Browse and buy a strong Mar Plast dispenser on our sites, choose the line you prefer from the traditional, the colorful and the brand new Skin collection, make the bathroom of your employees and customers a pleasant and hygienic environment.

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