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Do you want to furnish the bathrooms of your office with Dispensers and Accessories of design and quality made in Italy?

On B24store and B24service you will find the best wall soap dispensers, towel paper dispensers with C-, V- or Z-folded towel, toilet paper holders for traditional rolls, toilet paper in mini or maxi jumbo rolls or in interleaved sheets.

All our dispensers and bathroom accessories are of totally Italian production, made by Mar Plast Spa at its headquarters in Rio Saliceto in the province of Reggio Emilia.

Mp service with its brand B24 is the official dealer of all Mar Plast dispensers and accessories made in Italy.

Mar Plast exports its soap and paper dispensers, its wall-mounted or floor-standing toilet brushes and its baskets to over 60 countries and we can consider it one of the leading manufacturers of professional bathroom accessories and dispensers in the world.

The Mission of B24 is to offer a complete range of professional bathroom furniture and consumables.

With B24 you will have a consultant who can advise you on the most suitable dispensers for your business, if you have a restaurant, a bar, a gym, a doctor's office, any company and you want a quote for the purchase of the most suitable equipment for your staff and your customers contact us without obligation at 0558363160.

We can also offer you the purchase of hand soaps, antibacterial or alcoholic gels for hand sanitation to be used in the chosen soap dispenser.

You can buy paper towels in interleaved towelettes or paper rolls or industrial rolls, anti-clogging and now also antibacterial, also toilet paper in all formats.

The Mar Plast lines are available in white, transparent, satin-finished, chrome, titanium, carbon and coloured plastic in 6 different shades (blue, orange, green, brown, black, white coloured edition). A complete line in polished or satin-finished stainless steel is also available.

Our contacts:

Whatsapp: 3400634073

Phone: 0558363160

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