Get rid of insects with our insecticidal lamps, no chemical sprays, for fresh and clean air

Like every year, with the arrival of spring, the number of insects multiplies. 

B24store, thanks to its twenty years of experience, has selected for you the best HACCP-compliant insect capture lamps, which can be used in all environments where food processing is present such as bars, restaurants, food companies but not only, it is often necessary to keep the environments free from insects also in companies in other sectors, in gyms, hospitals and nursing homes.

The most effective fly killing lamps are those with glue plate, in accordance with HACCP as the insect is directly captured by the plate and there is no type of residue as was the case in obsolete current lamps.

The light and the pheromone plate guarantee a great attraction towards almost all species of flying insects, wasps, flies, bedbugs and mosquitoes. All that remains is to enjoy the clean air and without annoying insects, when necessary you will simply replace the glue plate with a new one.

Our proposal includes the supply of professional high coverage lamps Halo30 and Halo45 with a free supply of 6 glue plates.

Find them here:


SA855012 insect catcher lamp halo curve 30 for 80 sqm


SA855014 lampada cattura insetti halo curve 45 per 120 mq

For smaller rooms we offer the beautiful Aura, black Aura and curved Halo insect catcher lamps, with a modern design that does not make them look like insect catchers, always very efficient as well as beautiful, suitable for rooms of about 40 square meters:


SA855020 aura professional haccp insect catcher lamp

#Aura, black


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