Be ready now, don't wait!

Be ready, decorate your bathroom with our dispensers!

Quality is important and covid's long-term test has shown how necessary it is for the purchase of dispensers and bathroom accessories.

Thousands of companies, shops, restaurants and bars have had to comply overnight, having never installed soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers or even toilet brushes in their bathrooms. Many did it with poor quality products and the problems immediately arose, for example with electronic dispensers placed at the entrance of the gel dispensing activities, often not working and often manufactured in distant East Asian countries.

Get ready for today and tomorrow!

We all hope that the terrible experience of the covid will end soon, but this period has shown that we must be ready to face possible new pandemics in the future, it has shown that hand hygiene is fundamental, it has demonstrated and sensitized the importance of professionally furnished bathrooms with soap dispensers, towel dispensers, toilet paper holders and much more.

Noi crediamo che un dispenser non sia solo un semplice erogatore di sapone, ma un dispensatore di sicurezza e igiene, una garanzia per la protezione tua e della tua famiglia.

We ask you if you are ready, but if you are not or you want to improve yourself, ask us for a quote for your bathroom furniture.

We are official resellers of Mar Plast Spa, a world leading manufacturer of bathroom dispensers. We can offer a wide range of lines, capacities and materials, along with the dispensers we can supply you with consumables including: antibacterial hand towel paper, toilet paper sheets, soaps, sanitizers and anything that can help you have a perfect bathroom like at home .

Send an email to or contact us for a consultation on 0558363160

our customer service will help you choose the product that best suits your needs, providing assistance from choice to after-sales: we are always there, you just have to give yourself the luxury of choosing the best.


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