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Notice to all public administrations, public bodies, schools and universities

We are present on the mepa, the market for public administrations, better known as network purchasing and on Start If you are a municipality, region, university or any public body you can request your quote for what you need ... Learn More

Hygiene Services for Public Administration

Are you a municipality, region, public body, we are on the Mepa, Electronic Market and Start for your requests for Towel Service, Carpet Rental, Service sanitizing and deodorizing bathrooms, disposal sanitary towels and any purchase of dispensers or hygienic consumer products such as toilet paper, soap, towels, rolls etc.. Look for Mp Service Srl or call us at 055 8363160 for information and requests.

We are present on the MEPA electronic market

Avvertiamo tutte le pubbliche amministrazioni, comuni, regioni, province, amministrazioni pubbliche, universita’ ecc che siamo presenti sul Mecato elettronico MEPA e START. Le categorie di MEPA sono SIA104 e MIS104. Potete invitarci alle vostre gare sui … Learn More

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