Dispensers and Bathroom Accessories Mar by Plast - Only Made in Italy

MP Service Srl with its B24 brand is perhaps the most specialized company in the European panorama in the sale of Soap Dispensers, Towel Paper Dispensers and Toilet Paper Holders, without forgetting a wide selection of bathroom brushes, baskets of all sizes and many other accessories. indispensable in the bathrooms of all businesses, from the bar to the restaurant, from the shop to the large production industry, from the bank to the school.

Today we talk about soap.

Imagine that B24 offers you the choice of nearly 200 wall mounted soap dispensers in white, colored, transparent and stainless steel plastic.

Not only that, you can choose between soap dispensers with foam, liquid and cream soap, cartridge or filling, electronic soap dispensers or with push-button, lever or elbow dispensing.

If you love Italian products you have met the right company, all our soap dispensers are produced by Mar Plast Spa, a leading company in the sector that has been making beautiful dispensers for the bathroom for over 50 years.

Together with the purchase of your favorite soap dispenser, we offer you the choice between numerous types of soap, from simple high-quality cream soap to foam soap with antibacterial, pmc 79% alcoholic gel, sanitizing soap with chlorexedine in sizes from 500 ml to 10 liters.

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