Custom floor mats made from synthetic coconut fiber

From today on B24service you can also buy your customized synthetic coconut doormat online. The customization is done with the inlay method and not printed, keeping your rug perfect for years. There are 24 colors that can be used both for the single color and for the personalized. The MAT-EN doormats in SYNTHETIC COCONUT VELVET offer an elegant appearance with an excellent cleaning and initial drying action. Its 100% synthetic fiber with UV resistance properties make it perfect in covered indoor and outdoor environments even if exposed to sunlight, while the natural rubber bottom offers the best anti-slip properties together with excellent stability and better self-laying performance.

The thickness of 12 mm approx. allows its use both in the hole and on the support.

Thanks to the wide range of colors it is also ideal for customization. Buy your custom carpet online. Ask for a quote for your synthetic or rubber curl carpet, the latter also available in various colors, plain or customized. Write to or call +39 0558363160

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